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April Newsletter

Spring is in the air and now is the time to get in shape for the summer!

Skin Care Products in Houston, TX

It’s important remember to keep well hydrated during the hot summer months. Being well hydrated means drinking a lot of fluids as well as keeping your skin hydrated with moisturizers and sunscreens. As we get older, our skin doesn’t retain water as well. In addition we no longer produce as much collagen. These factors contribute to aging of the skin, producing wrinkles, pigmentation changes, and fragile capillaries. At the Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre and Bellezza Skin Care Clinic, we offer state-of-the-art surgical and nonsurgical treatment programs to help your skin look its best. Our in office and at home skincare products are made with the best ingredients at affordable prices. Schedule an appointment with our aestheticians to give your face that youthful glow.

Want to get rid of those few extra inches that exercise doesn’t take away? 

SmartLipo® in Houston, TX

We offer the latest in SmartLipo treatment programs. We use the SmartLipo triplex system, which not only offers the best laser liposuction results but also the safest. The big concern with laser liposuction is that the heat generated could burn the skin and produce scarring. The heat sensor technology in the triplex system automatically senses when the skin is getting too warm and turns off the laser. SmartLipo is great for areas like under the chin, upper arms, medial thigh, love handle and abdomen. It’s done in the office under local with oral sedation and your back to work the next day and back to working out in five days.

Plastic Surgeon in Houston, TX

Check out our specials, which change monthly!

We are grateful for having treated over 10,000 people with a variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatments and consider it a team effort, that involves both the patient, Dr. Perlman, and his staff, to get the best results. That’s why most of our patients are referrals from other patients and we have a five star review rating with the major patient review sites.

Every month were also going to offer a practical tip not necessarily related to medicine.

This month it’s temporary email addresses. If you need a temporary address to fill out a form on the Internet try mailinator.com. It lets you set up an email address which only lasts a few hours and then disappears. It’s great for when you are on a website that asks for your email address, in order to proceed, and you don’t want to give them one of your permanent email addresses.

Best foods for anti-inflammatory benefits: Fruits and berries that contain anthocyanins. Cherries are the number one choice. In addition they contain vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant. Olive oil which contains oleocanthal, inhibits Cox 1 and Cox2 enzymes which promote inflammation. Avoid sugar which causes the body to produce glycation end products (AGE) which triggers inflammation.

Written by Doctor PerlmanApril 6, 2016

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