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Breast Augmentation in The Woodlands, TX

Breast Augmentation in The Woodlands, TX

Dr. Joseph Perlman offers breast augmentation to residents of The Woodlands, TX.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation covers the use of implants for breast enhancement. Patients who feel that their breasts are too small or that they are disproportionate to their body frequently undergo breast augmentation, as do patients who have had one or both breasts removed due to cancer treatment.

How Is Breast Augmentation Performed?

The process of insertion comes with options to suit each patient. It usually does not last more than two hours and may require general anesthesia. An incision is made at either the bottom, side, or center of the breast, with implants inserted either behind the breast tissue or within the pectoral muscles.

About Dr. Perlman

Dr. Perlman is a qualified and experienced board-certified leader in plastic surgery, with the power to certify other surgeons. He has studied and worked at Vanderbilt University, Brown University, and Baylor College and has worked with the USA Olympic Boxing Team.


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Written by Doctor PerlmanSeptember 4, 2013

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