I had a facelift done by Dr Perlman about a month ago. Although, Dr Perlman had performed a couple procedures for me and also several members of my family, including my own daughter, I felt I needed a couple of…


Dr Perlman is an amazing surgeon. He did some reconstructive surgery when I was a child and when I was ready to have some cosmetic surgery I knew exactly where to go. My only concern is that he will be…


When I went to Dr. Perlman my breasts were mismatched and incapsulated. Dr. Perlman put me at ease before the surgery but I felt pretty hopeless. Amazingly they turned out great! Really great! He also did an arm lift at…


I always hated my nose. Growing up I was teased constantly and I became very self-conscious and withdrawn. My first semester in college I decided that cosmetic surgery was the answer. My family doctor and other people I asked recommended…


I was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. I ate poorly; I was overweight, undisciplined and unhappy with my appearance. In all, I wasn’t positive in myself. I decided that cosmetic surgery might improve my appearance and boost my confidence. I…


Dr Perlman and his staff are fabulous. The aesthetician, Leslie did my chemical peel and then recommended great products. My skin looks flawless. LOVE this place!


I had Vaser Liposuction and Breast Augmentation 1 year ago. I am happy with both, but my liposuction results were especially outstanding as far as how smooth and how much more proportionate I looked. Dr. Pearlman is very professional and…


Dr. Perlman made my surgery a very positive experience and with exceptional results. Now I’m continuing to see him in his office for my “skin maintenance” with Botox and Juvederm. For future procedures, I will ONLY see Dr. Perlman.

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